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Our mission

Have you ever looked at an ingredients label, saw that phenyl-blahblahblah, and thought "what the heck am I putting on my skin?!" Us too. We don't want you to guess. We want you to know. You deserve accessible and scientifically accurate information about the skincare products that you use everyday.

Our Method

Skinno is the only mobile app that scans complicated skincare ingredients labels and translates them into an easy to understand language. More than just a scanning app, it's the only platform that personalizes the process of learning about skincare.


Universal scanner

It's as simple as taking a picture. Interact with ingredient labels in real-time. Our AI can read any label and translate the ingredients on the fly.

Dynamic Database

Never research again! We really mean that. Access years of scientific knowledge distilled into one convenient platform.

Make it yours!

Everyone's skin is different. We strive to provide a personalized experience for your skincare journey. Create routines, filter ingredients, track your progress and more!

Tap into the future

Our developers merge the power of Artificial Intelligence with Computer Vision technology to deliver an unmatched mobile experience. Our database learns along with you!

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Lisa Guerrera

Lisa's Photo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lisa is a skincare junkie, a caffeine addict, and an advocate for transparency in chemistry. She earned a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from the City College of New York and is pursuing a Master’s in Cosmetic Engineering from Manhattan College. She boasts chemical knowledge, research experience, and broad science communication skills.

David Murphy

David's Photo

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

David lives to surf, code, and teach Computer Science. He advises several robotics teams at a local high school, has published over 30 articles about app development, and tutors undergraduate programming at a local college. He is set to complete his second Bachelor's in the study of Computer Science this May '18.

Christina Torres

Christina's Photo

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Christina has been to over 100 concerts, collects bugs, and is an active scientific communicator. She is pursuing a Master’s in Biology at the City College of New York, where she maintains large scale databases. She sorts through the primary scientific literature and creates the unique ingredients database.

Sumali Dey

Sumi's Photo

Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Sumali is a design geek, visual artist, and skincare enthusiast. She is a self-taught graphics designer and studies Sociology and Pre-Law at The City College of New York. She has a keen eye for beauty and fashion trends. She composes the key graphics and design elements for Skinno's interface.

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